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Custom Men's

If you have never had a custom shirt, we must give you a spoiler alert. A dozen measurements and an almost endless assortment of fabric and style options await. From the most classic business shirts that fit perfectly for the first time, to the myriad offerings of fashionable dress and sport shirts, our custom men’s shirts remain among our most popular options. Choose from among our assortment of custom shirt makers to find the custom shirt that suits your style and budget, and have a selection that you can find only at Liles Clothing Studio.

Why your
Custom Shirt
Is Uniquely Yours


We take thirteen different measurements to insure that your shirt fits you exquisitely, taking into account your posture, size, and personal preferences.


We have hundreds of different swatches available to you, from dressy to sporty, in every conceivable pattern and color, from the most traditional to the most avant-guard.


Our trained eyes can help you choose which collar frames the shape of your face, how much cuff to show, and a fit that is comfortable yet flattering.


Whether you work in a conservative business enviornment, or you want something sporty to wear out on a Saturday night, we will show you how your shirt can be styled with contrast trims and stitching, special colored buttons, and all manner of cuff and collar styles.

Show your individuality
and have us make your
custom shirts today!

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